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Preschool Ministry Leaders

In This Group You’ll Discuss…

  • Strategic teaching that engages the preschool heart
  • Creating captivating environments
  • Partnering with parents of preschoolers
  • Casting a compelling vision for your preschool department
  • And much more!

Are you up to your eyebrows in glitter and goldfish crackers? We understand, but we also know that leading the Preschool Ministry is so much more than crafts and snacks. This Coaching Group will help you lead your team with excellence, form a strategic direction for parents and kids and introduce you to a crucial tribe of like-minded leaders pursuing Orange Principles.  Led by an experienced Coach who knows preschool ministry, you’ll explore the 5 Orange Essentials and how they apply to preschool families.


This group meets monthly for six months and includes a 2 hour Online Group Session, with 1-1 Coach sessions. 
Cost: $99 per month
Payment in Full option provides 10% discount