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Student Ministry Leaders

In This Group You’ll Discuss…

  • Building a synchronized team
  • Developing a clear win for your parents
  • Partnering with parents to know and celebrate their student
  • Provide strategic service opportunities
  • And much more!

We know you’re up to your eyeballs with planning camps and retreats and it’s hard to find the time to breath through it all. We understand! We’ll surround you with a tribe you can trust, a Coach who gets you and topics you need to talk about today, all in an easy monthly group that will help you with strategy, direction and leadership development. You’ll dive into the 5 Orange Essentials and talk  about how they apply to your leaders, your students and your parents.


This group will meet monthly for a 2 hour Online Group Session, with 1-1 Coach sessions available each month. 
Cost: $99/mo